Council election information

Each year, during the InternetNZ Annual General Meeting, elections are held for Council members whose term has ended.

All information about the yearly Council elections - including nominations and election results - can be found below:

What do Councillors do?

InternetNZ Councillors play an important role in governing and setting the strategic direction of our organisation. 

Councillors are guardians and governors of the organisation. At meetings, they bear the Objects, Vision and Mission in mind. They establish and monitor InternetNZ's strategy, set and review the budget and business plan, hold the Chief Executive to account and guide their performance, and are stewards of our ownership interests in the Domain Name Commission (DNC).

It is a governance role not an operational one: the "doing" is the role of the staff and contractor team led by the CE. Councillors often provide input and advice on issues and projects but they do that work on the same basis as other volunteers working with the operational team.

  • The Council's role and functions is available here.
  • The President, Vice President, and Councillor's role description is available here.
  • Councillors and Officers are entitled to an honorarium for their positions, and all meeting and travel expenses are paid for by InternetNZ. 
  • The roles of Officers (President and Vice President) are further described in InternetNZ’s constitution and by laws.

What's the time and energy commitment?

There will be an induction for new Councillors with the Chief Executive, President and Vice President.

At a minimum, you need to be available for four one-day long quarterly meetings of the Council each year plus a special meeting each year for strategy development and business planning.

Besides this, Council members are encouraged to participate in the member meet ups (at least two evenings per year) and to attend and participate in NetHui.

Finally, general involvement in other InternetNZ activities, and being active in discussions on the various email lists and forums, are part of the role.

Time requirements are detailed in the job descriptions linked above. The President should be able to commit on average around one day per week. Councillors should assume two days a month as a general rule of thumb. 

Rules and guidelines

More Information

The Returning Officer is happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email if you have any questions.