Creative use of the Internet

The full potential of the Internet - and the benefits we can get from it - is nowhere near fully realised. Its ability to foster communication, collaboration and creativity has much, much more to deliver New Zealand - both for economic and social ends.

InternetNZ’s role is to protect this potential and to promote these benefits and uses. Once connectivity is provided, and people have access to the Internet, this is the next challenge.

In this focus area of encouraging the ‘use’ of the Internet for everybody’s benefit, we will work to protect the Internet’s creative and economic potential and explore societal changes due to the Internet.

The Internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next wave of change enabled by the Internet. The IoT involves everyday objects being subject to network connectivity, allowing data to be sent and received. Think self driving cars and smart heating. We have released a discussion starter outlining our thoughts and questions about the new technology.

Standards for online content

Traditional regulation has focused on the way users access content. Rules differ for broadcast and pre-recorded media, for news organisations and other content producers. The possibilities of the Internet blur those traditional boundaries, creating a “convergence” in which content is content regardless of the way it is accessed or who has created it.

Creative copyright

We respond to the ongoing legislative agenda in copyright and intellectual property rights, in response both to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and to the ongoing wider legislative reform agenda in copyright. We want to ensure the legislation is flexible, adaptable, incentivising and realistic for Internet users.

On 5 April we sent our submission to the Government. Here is a brief summary and it points to submission should you want to dive into detail:

Submission summary blog: copyright updating...please wait

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Adopting the TPP would mean some limits on how New Zealanders use and benefit from the Internet. Throughout the TPP process, we have worked to understand those limits and advocated hard for an open, informed, and transparent process. We have also advocated for moves to respect and protect the value of the open Internet to New Zealand.