.nz policies

There are a number of .nz policies - all of which are listed below. InternetNZ is responsible for developing these policies, and DNCL is responsible for their regulation.

Archived and expired versions of all the .nz policies and procedures can be found on the DNCL website: Archived .nz policies 

For any queries rearding the .nz policy framework, please contact our policy team at nzpolicy@internetnz.net.nz 

There is a .nz policy committee that leads work on InternetNZ’s responsibility for the overall framework of operation for the .nz ccTLD. Information about the committee including responsibilities and meeting dates can be found below. 

.nz Policy Committee responsibilities and upcoming meeting dates

Review panel

We are undertaking a review of the policies related to the .nz domain name space. The domain name space is a vital component of the Internet — making it easy for people to connect.

We are now appointing an Advisory Panel to help us review the policies related to the .nz domain. The Panel will explore a range of important issues and ways we might solve them together.

The panel will be doing public consultations in order to get feedback from the tech sector and wider public. Keep an eye out for your chance to have your say over the coming months.