August 2016 Council meeting

PDF icon 2016-08-27-Council-minutes-Final.pdf186.88 KB
PDF icon 2016-08-Council-Papers.pdf3.67 MB
PDF icon 2016-08 Council Meeting Agenda79.01 KB
PDF icon 1.1a .nz Joint first quarter report189.83 KB
PDF icon 1.1b DNCL first quarter report55.2 KB
PDF icon 1.1c DNCL letter (re TLD Principle 5)147.35 KB
PDF icon 1.1d InternetNZ response letter (re TLD Principle 5)135.5 KB
PDF icon 1.1e NZRS first quarter report605.28 KB
PDF icon 1.1f Technical Research Report - August 2016138.71 KB
PDF icon 1.1g Product and Services Development Report - August 2016133.85 KB
PDF icon 3.2 Strategy Day 201663.3 KB
PDF icon 3.3 Evaluation Framework: Product and Services Development172.22 KB
PDF icon 3.4a Amended Reserves Policy60.74 KB
PDF icon 3.4b Reserves Utilisation and Treasury Policy62.19 KB
PDF icon 4.1 Schedule of Meetings for 2017157.31 KB
PDF icon 4.2a Review of Governance Policies (cover paper)148.21 KB
PDF icon 4.2b Planning and Reporting Timetable42.65 KB
PDF icon 4.2c Group Planning Cycle149.15 KB
PDF icon 4.3a Review of Committees and Signatories (cover paper)52.11 KB
PDF icon 4.3b TOR - Audit and Risk Committee154.01 KB
PDF icon 4.3c TOR - CE Review Team44.54 KB
PDF icon 4.3d TOR - Grants Committee55.85 KB
PDF icon 4.3e TOR - Māori Engagement Committee787.36 KB
PDF icon 4.3f TOR - Membership Committee145.37 KB
PDF icon 6.1 2016-05-27 Council Minutes (to be ratified)96.78 KB
PDF icon 6.2 Action Point Register137.7 KB
PDF icon 6.3 Membership Report95.5 KB
PDF icon 6.4 Evote Ratification138.93 KB
PDF icon 6.6a CE Report (cover report)121.73 KB
PDF icon 6.6b CE Report Appendix 1: Joint ICANN Report68.1 KB
PDF icon 6.6c CE Report Appendix 2: APrIGF Report47.13 KB
PDF icon 6.6d CE Report Appendix 3: Media Report (April-June 2016)999.59 KB
PDF icon 6.7 Group Consolidated Financial Report99.36 KB
PDF icon 6.8 Council Committee Summary Report165.04 KB
General Information
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Friday, August 26, 2016 - 09:00 to 16:30