Emergencies and the Internet - an InternetNZ Speaker Series event

The latest spate of earthquakes rocking parts of the country have illustrated that in the face of a shake, many New Zealanders stop, cover, hold and tweet.

The Internet has become the primary source for information on, and communication about, emergencies and natural disasters, but what does this mean? What are the opportunities and challenges of going online to prepare for, or respond to, an emergency? What happens if the Internet goes down?

The first InternetNZ Speaker Series event for 2017 explored the Internet’s role in emergencies and how key players in disaster prevention and response use the Internet.

Panelists for the event were:

  • Dan Neely, WREMO
  • Sara McBride, GeoNet
  • Andrew Bate, New Zealand Red Cross
  • Susie Ferguson, Radio New Zealand (Chair)


The event was live-streamed. You can watch the full recording here:


General Information
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Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 11:45 to 13:00
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InternetNZ offices, Level 11