February 2016 Council Meeting

PDF icon 2016-02 Council Minutes - Ratified89.69 KB
PDF icon Full set of Council papers - Feb 201612.69 MB
PDF icon Agenda - Feb 2016 Council Meeting613.23 KB
PDF icon Councillors' Declaration of Interest742.21 KB
PDF icon Draft Council minutes - 11 Dec 2015 (to be ratified)2.33 MB
PDF icon Action Point Register - Feb 2016146.82 KB
PDF icon Membership Report - Feb 2016503.07 KB
PDF icon Evote ratification - Feb 2016216.72 KB
PDF icon Focus Area Feedback521.3 KB
PDF icon February Members Meetups Notes137.38 KB
PDF icon Product and Services Development: Next Steps1.88 MB
PDF icon Managing INZ Balance Sheet Strategy536.79 KB
PDF icon Document Information Disclosure Policy (draft)640.17 KB
PDF icon Approach to 2016 Activity Plan372.55 KB
PDF icon CEs Report - Feb 2016995.93 KB
PDF icon Internet Issues Report - Feb 2016 516.21 KB
PDF icon Community Programme Management Report - Feb 2016569.16 KB
PDF icon Grants reporting for Management Report550.39 KB
PDF icon International Programme Report - Feb 2016272.72 KB
PDF icon Operations Team Management Report - Feb 2016208.03 KB
PDF icon INZ Group Consolidated Report for the quarter ended 31 Dec 2015221.29 KB
PDF icon Travel Working Group Report & Outcome412.16 KB
PDF icon International Travel Policy Guidelines68.92 KB
PDF icon Travel Review - TOR68.92 KB
PDF icon Subsidiary Boards Appointment Process 2016324.18 KB
PDF icon Joint .nz 3rd quarterly report 1.65 MB
PDF icon DNCL 3rd quarterly report96.27 KB
PDF icon DNCL Statement of Directions and Goals 2016/17252.49 KB
PDF icon NZRS 3rd quarterly report491.27 KB
PDF icon Audit & Risk Committee Meeting Minutes - 21 January 2016 406.93 KB
PDF icon Maori Engagement Committee Update587.44 KB
PDF icon Membership Committee Update329.89 KB
PDF icon NZRS Statement of Directions and Goals 2016/17 (Late Paper)948.62 KB
General Information
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Friday, February 26, 2016 - 10:00 to 16:00