Member meet up - Auckland

Our Auckland meet up has had a venue change. The meet up will now take place at Glass Goose.

You're invited to some member meet ups! These events are great spaces for discussion and networking with other members of InternetNZ, over a bite to eat and a drink. The InternetNZ team will also share some of our thinking for the year ahead and we are really keen to hear from you too about the opportunities, challenges and focuses you see that we should work on together. 

You can RSVP here:

Keen for us to come see you elsewhere too? Email and we will talk!
Tell us what you think of the revised strategy and goals

As you may have seen in dotNews, we're asking for thoughts about some changes to the strategy and goals for InternetNZ. Strategically, we see important work to be done on an Internet for All and an Internet for Good, as two guiding banners that we will stand for as an organisation and work to achieve.
We've also shared some proposed goals for the next two years:
  1. To fund increased public good investment, grow the use, value and revenue from .nz domain names.
  2. Develop new sources of revenue through ongoing investment in new products.
  3. Work in Aotearoa and globally to help develop an Internet for Good.
  4. New investment and a real action plan drive significant improvements to digital inclusion across Aotearoa.
  5. Develop InternetNZ as a high performing organisation and an excellent place to work.
As with any strategic focus and goal set, that means ideas, projects and initiatives that don't fit with these will be unlikely to take place. For that reason, it's really important we hear from you.

This survey is designed to provide an easy way of you providing this feedback. Are these focuses and goals right? How would we make them real and meaningful? Or are we missing something, and do you think we should focus elsewhere? 
This survey will be open until February 4th and the results provided to Council at their meeting on February 14th. 
We hope to see you all soon, and to hear your thoughts!
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Thursday, February 27, 2020 - 17:00 to 19:00
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Glass Goose