November 2016 Council Meeting

PDF icon 2016-11 Final Council Minutes2.77 MB
PDF icon 2016-11 Council Agenda95.31 KB
PDF icon 2016-11 Council Papers3.92 MB
PDF icon 1.3 Declaration of Interest163.59 KB
PDF icon 2.2 Strategy Day Follow Up181.01 KB
PDF icon 3.1 Activity Plan Framework209.97 KB
PDF icon 3.1.1 Budget Update59.63 KB
PDF icon 3.2.1 Review of Governance Policies79.76 KB
PDF icon 3.2.1a Policy Development Policy153.73 KB
PDF icon 3.2.1b Treasury Policy90.86 KB
PDF icon 3.2.1c Code of Ethics142.55 KB
PDF icon 3.2.1d Councillor Role Description57.51 KB
PDF icon 3.2.1e Council Role Functions51.04 KB
PDF icon 3.2.1f Conflicts of Interest147.45 KB
PDF icon 3.2.1g Document Information Disclosure151.76 KB
PDF icon 3.2.2 Group Planning and Reporting144.12 KB
PDF icon 3.2.2a Planning and Reporting Timetable42.65 KB
PDF icon 3.2.2b Planning Cycle149.15 KB
PDF icon 3.2.3 Information Sharing41.36 KB
PDF icon 3.4 NetHui Activities: 2017 and onwards143.43 KB
PDF icon 4.2 Strategic Partnership Options for 2017/1853.81 KB
PDF icon 4.3 Council representation on DNCL/NZRS Boards162.77 KB
PDF icon 4.4 2017/18 Statement of Expectations (cover page)162.97 KB
PDF icon 4.4.1 Statement of Expectations - DNCL151.47 KB
PDF icon 4.4.2 Statement of Expectations - NZRS62.79 KB
PDF icon 4.5a Joint .nz 2nd quarter Report1.25 MB
PDF icon 4.5b DNCL 2nd quarter Report286.2 KB
PDF icon 4.5c NZRS 2nd quarter Report506.69 KB
PDF icon 4.5d Technical Research Report271.09 KB
PDF icon 4.5e Product and Services Development Report133.63 KB
PDF icon 4.6 Group Consolidated Financial Report (QE Sept 2016)155.77 KB
PDF icon 5.1 Confirm Minutes - August 2016 Meeting94.73 KB
PDF icon 5.2 Actions Register136.95 KB
PDF icon 5.3 Membership Update93.15 KB
PDF icon 5.4 Evote ratification59.98 KB
PDF icon 5.6 Chief Executive's Report106.91 KB
PDF icon 5.6a Media Report July - September 2016 495.77 KB
PDF icon 6.2 Participation by members in Council meetings (if req'd)66.91 KB
General Information
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Friday, November 25, 2016 - 10:00