TUANZ Rural Connectivity Symposium

The return for the fourth year of discussion around the future of connectivity and technology in the most important sectors for our future prosperity & wellbeing in rural New Zealand.

With the initial Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) now complete, we were promised through that programme better connectivity options to those living and working outside urban centres. However, we are yet to see the full impact of this improved RBI capability and there remains gaps in coverage and uptake – which we are now looking to the RBI phase 2 along with the Mobile Blackspots programme to bring the next step improvements we all want. This event gives you the perfect opportunity to help shape the future of rural connectivity.

At the same time, technology developments are not standing still, and the desire and demands of the rural sector to be connected continue to grow. Connectivity in general, and especially in rural communities, is a core requirement for addressing inequitable access to health services, social services, and educational services. The focus for this event is to continue the conversation and hear from a range of speakers, including our rural leaders of the future, on how digital technology utilising connectivity is improving rural health outcomes, rural business opportunities and rural living in general.

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General Information
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Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - 09:00 to 19:00
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Westpac Stadium
105 Waterloo Quay, Wellington