Applicants guideline's - Conference Attendance

Community grants are made by InternetNZ to further the objects of the Society. In doing so, grant recipients are, through their work, helping to advance our charitable purpose. 

The principles that govern the InternetNZ Community Grants and the Community Grants Policy Framework can be found here.

Conference Attendance Community Grant criteria

Assessment criteria are the following criteria:

  • Alignment with purpose (weighted at 40%)

This criterion relates to the extent to which the conference attendance is aligned with the community grant purpose and related community goals and objectives. Applicants are asked to:

  1. Explain how this conference or event and your proposed attendance matches the InternetNZ purpose for the conference attendance round as described above.
  2. The conference subject matter must be demonstrated to be of relevance to InternetNZ in terms of achieving its objects noting that InternetNZ will from time to time establish priorities to ensure it maintains an appropriate spread of focus.
  3. Identify any engagement within the community relevant to this conference attendance, and where applicable give an indication how this research can help address community goals and objectives.
  • Potential benefit (weighted at 30%)

With this criterion, the committee is assessing the outcomes and potential benefit of the conference attendance, including value for money. Applicants are asked to:

  1. Give an indication of the expected outcomes of attendance and the benefits of these outcomes. Specificity as to the proposed outcomes and benefit of your attendance at the conference (for example, being a confirmed speaker at conference, opportunity to enhance research, publication of articles, proposed follow-up engagement in New Zealand etc) is valued – for example saying your attendance will help develop and maintain relationships internationally may well not score highly relative to others.
  2. Identify any potential benefits to communities, disadvantaged groups or segments of the population, including to the Internet community or specific sectors (government, business, users, etc).
  • Likelihood of Success (weighted at 30%)

With this criterion, the committee is trying to understand the likelihood of the conference attendance successfully delivering the outcomes and benefits intended. Applicants are asked to:

  1. Provide evidence of the commitment of others, especially involved or affected groups or communities, including any co-funding or in-kind backing from others and what commitment exists.
  2. Outline the experience of the people applying and how it will contribute to the benefits described by the conference attendance proposed.
  3. State what qualifications the applicants have relevant to the conference attendance proposed.
  4. Note: It is preferred that the attendee have appropriate expertise in the area concerned but the opportunity will also be taken to grow and develop both the level of expertise and the number of people with that expertise in NZ.

Assessment process:

Conference Attendance Grants Round's decisions are made on a contestable basis, with many applications being compared against each other. The process that applications go through involves InternetNZ staff providing information about each application to the InternetNZ Council’s Grants Committee, or an Assessment Committee they convene for Grant Round. That Committee carries out the assessment and the Grants Committee makes recommendations to the InternetNZ Council for final decision making.