InternetNZ annual report 2019-2020

Who we are


InternetNZ is a non-profit organisation, and the home and guardian of .nz—providing the infrastructure, security, and support to keep it humming. We use the funding from the sale of .nz domain names to support the development of New Zealand's Internet through policy, community grants, research, and events. Our mission is an Internet that is open, secure, and for all New Zealanders. 

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President’s report

In the last year, InternetNZ has continued to grow its capability and impact. And it has demonstrated its ability to deal with changing times and challenging circumstances. As your President, I am both pleased and relievedit is exactly this capability that we intended to unlock when we restructured the organisation, now two years ago. 

Chief Executive’s report

It has been a year like no other in our organisation’s history. From the horror of the terrorist attacks on the Muslim communities in Christchurch to the rise of a global pandemic, the 2019-20 business year has been an intense one.

Year in review



To fund increased public good investment, drive higher sustainable growth in registrations of .nz domain names.

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18 conference attendance awards

Drawing of three hands with dollar sign

11 grants


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6 partnerships


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15 sponsorships


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drawing of .nz in a search bar

140,190 .nz

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13,628 other second level domains



Modernise and improve the policy and security environment for .nz, consistent with our aim of being a globally excellent ccTLD.



InternetNZ will have two new services, validated through our new business processes, delivering annual recurring revenue, and each on a path to profitability.



Support community safety, inclusion, and wellbeing in New Zealand while ensuring that the essential openness of the Internet’s governance, technology, and architecture is taken into account.

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400 attendees

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82% satisfaction rate

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65% were first-timers

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Diversity of voices


InternetNZ will collaborate with others to identify, agree, and effect significant progress on four interventions to bridge different digital divides (motivation, access, trust, skills).

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Investing in digital inclusion initiatives in the community through a dedicated funding round

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Proposal to Minister Faafoi for a digital inclusion investment package

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Written submission on Telecommunications Information Privacy Code Review

drawing of a tool box

Developing a toolkit to evaluate the effectiveness of community digital inclusion initiatives

drawing of a website

Creating an online home to connect the digital inclusion ecosystem


members (as at 31 March 2020)


permanent staff (as at 31 March 2020)


international events attended/engaged.

APTLD, ICANN, IGF, Paris Peace Forum, Internet & Jurisdiction, RIPE, CENTR, IETF, Internet Days, DNS-OARC


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