InternetNZ annual report 2020-2021

Who we are

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InternetNZ is a non-profit organisation, and the home and guardian of .nz—providing the infrastructure, security, and support to keep it humming. We use the funding from the sale of .nz domain names to support the development of New Zealand's Internet through policy, community grants, research, and events. Our mission is an Internet that is open, secure, and for all New Zealanders. 

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President’s report

2020-21 has been a challenging year for all of us in Aotearoa, but one that has highlighted just how important our Internet infrastructure is to New Zealand. Who would have guessed that we would spend so much of our time indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the unprecedented disruption it caused.

Chief Executive’s report

As I came to write this year’s Annual Report, I took a look back at last year’s. It is the second year in a row where crisis has been a watchword, and the global and national impact of COVID-19 has played out through the year — and continues today and into the rest of 2021, and indeed beyond.

Year in review

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Work in Aotearoa and globally to help develop an Internet for good.

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400 attendees

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84% satisfaction rate

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48% were first-timers

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6 diverse panels and 9 discussion streams

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New investment and community-driven action drives significant improvements to digital inclusion across Aotearoa.

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Five Point Plan for Digital Inclusion

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Digital Equity Coalition Aotearoa

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Evaluation toolkit

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Extra $500,000 into community funding



To fund increased public good investment, grow the use, value and revenue from .nz domain names.

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2 conference attendance awards

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26 grants


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7 partnerships


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21 sponsorships


Collaborative funding $180,000

From Joshua Davies at Blind Low Vision NZ

Blind Low Vision NZ strives to find new ways to support our members. With funding support from InternetNZ, we have been able to distribute 3000 accessible smart devices to people across New Zealand. With these devices blind and low vision users can access books, news, reminders and much more all through voice commands.

From Nikolasa Biasiny-Tule at Digital Natives Academy

The support we have received from InternetNZ has been invaluable. It has meant that we've been able to continue to inspire young New Zealanders to dream of being digital leaders and importantly gain the key skills they will need to make that possible.

From Mandy Henk at Tohatoha

Tohatoha was able to deliver our misinformation programme to over 1000 youth and adults this year, thanks to the support of InternetNZ! We got to work directly with school libraries, faith communities, and others concerned about the impact of misinformation and the spread of hate-driven narratives online. 

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145,743 .nz

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13,083 other second level domains

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Develop new sources of revenue through ongoing investment in and sales of new products.

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Exploring Digital Identity

We are actively exploring Digital Identity as a potential product space. It’s an emerging tech with a wide range of user problems and solutions to validate. The rules for Digital Identity in New Zealand are still being worked out by the Government and the market is emerging. Finding the right place for InternetNZ to best add value forms the basis of our work in this space.


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