Activity report Q2 2022-23

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Kia ora,

The purpose of this report is to summarise our delivery to our strategies and plans, and highlight the key metrics that matter to the ongoing health of our organisation.

Our objectives for Q2 of 2022/23 were:

  • Undertaking the appointment process of a new permanent Tumu Whakarae, which has seen Vivien Maidaborn join the organisation on 17th October 2022.
  • Continuing project Mimosa to build and launch the new registry platform, IRS, in November 2022. 
  • Ongoing conversations with the Government on how we work together on mis- and dis- information in Aotearoa. 
  • Monitoring of the Christchurch Call process at the 2022 gathering of Leaders alongside the United Nations meeting. 
  • Starting to identify the focus of the international Internet governance work INZ will do, with attendance at the ICANN and ITU meetings based on the initial support from Council at the May meeting. 
  • Receiving the review of Structural Racism.
  • Continuing to increase our presence and profile as the leading independent commentator on Internet issues in Aotearoa, on behalf of the Internet community. 

We have made substantial progress across all of the significant commitments of our 2022/23 Annual Plan. Q2 represents a particularly significant moment in the change and evolution of InternetNZ, as we focus on outward orientation to serve our registrars, users of .nz and the people of Aotearoa to maximise their benefit in using the Internet.

Andrew Cushen, Interim Chief Executive

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InternetNZ in the media

We appeared in 76 media stories for the quarter. The topics with the most coverage were: 

  • The Christchurch Call (InternetNZ's response to the Christchurch Call Leaders Summit and what more needs to be done to realise the Calls commitments). 
  • The Netsafe Code (InternetNZ's strong concern for the lack of community consultation)
  • Taumarunui's Internet outage (InternetNZ calling for the Internet to be treated like a utility)

The majority of our media articles were surrounding our "Internet that benefits" rei kura.

Q2 total domains graph. Full description is below the image.
Q2 domain names creates graph. Full description is below.
Q2 domains renews and cancels. Full description is below.
Q2 membership chart. Full description below.
Our Wellington office
FTE permanent employees

At the end of Q2, we had 36.5 FTE permanent employees. This number is up 2.0 from the prior quarter. 

Arrivals and departures

We welcomed two members to our whanau: Assistant Accountant, Senior Policy Advisor. 

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Health, safety and wellbeing

The HSW committee is now responsible for the ongoing management of our COVID response with support from ELT.  We ran a series of events during Mental Health Awareness week to support the wellbeing of our staff and to raise awareness of mental health.

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