Hayden Glass - election statement

Hayden GlassHi. I am Hayden Glass. I have had the privilege to serve as a Councillor since 2014 and I am keen to serve one more term.

InternetNZ has come a long way in recent years. We have moved from a organisation where members did most of the work to an organisation where most things are done by a larger core staff. Our focus on the issues has broadened as the Internet has become more central to daily life. We have developed our flagship event Nethui, added new things like the speaker series and improved communications, expanded our grants programme, and diversified our governance and our membership. All the while we have continued to provide the domain name policy, regulation and registry services that are central to why we exist, and we have explored developing other commercial services that in time could help sustain our revenues.

There are two especially important items for me on our roadmap. One is the organisational review that the Council has started, proposing to combine our three organisations into one. As with others, I think InternetNZ is over-governed and that our complex internal structure is no longer serving us as well as it could. I am keen to make sure that we keep the pieces that are working for us while moving past the organisational design elements that were set up for a situation that we are no longer in.

I am a supporter of making Council smaller as well, so long as we can ensure stronger organisational oversight, good access to necessary skills, and a diversity of views around the table. A streamlined internal structure and a smaller Council could mean a much bigger workload for Councillors.

The second important item for me is improving engagement with members. We have made some important progress with this. I was on the Council committee on Membership Engagement that helped define the path we are taking organisationally. There remains more to do to make it easier, more relevant, and more enjoyable to be a member of InternetNZ.

In the midst of all of this internally-focused effort, we need also to not lose sight of the services to the Internet community that are the reason for our existence.

I reckon the world is just getting started on the transformations that will be brought by the power of Internet to encourage collaboration, information sharing and more open innovation. There are threats to this positive future that Internet NZ plays a role in guarding against. And there are big opportunities that lie before us that I think Internet NZ can help hurry along. We need to lead on some of these things, and enable and support on others. We can get a long way by working with like-minded folk to advance the issues that matter.

I work as the COO of Figure.NZ, a social enterprise making it easier to find and to use data about New Zealand. I also do some consulting projects, mostly on the impacts of technology and data on business. And, with two friends, I bought a secondhand bookstore in Auckland a year ago to restore it to commercial sustainability so it can continue to serve the Ponsonby community. The Open Book, we have called it.

My background is the telecommunications industry and in economics. Way way back I studied law. I'd be delighted to continue to bring these perspectives to the Council table.

I am @whereishayden on Twitter or hayden@whereishayden.org by email. If you are into the LinkedIn, be into it here.