HIRIA TE RANGI - Election Statement

Hiria Te RangiKia ora tatou katoa,

My name is Hiria Te Rangi and this is the first time I have been nominated to run for council.

I want to be on the InternetNZ Council as I believe that the Internet should be accessible by and inclusive of everyone because, the Internet enables education. For me seeing the work InternetNZ has done with 20/20 trust and Nethui pushed me to be more involved with my community and to give back. With these programmes InternetNZ was able to incorporate the community, enable those that wouldn't otherwise have the skills or technology to participate and give them the space to have a voice. I find this inspiring and I want to be involved.

In my last role, I was the product owner for beta.data.govt.nz. We pushed hard for two things. Quality for our data users and automation for our Agency suppliers. We came to these two points by talking, listening and trying to find the best solution and business process that would meet these two needs. The Beta.data.govt.nz MVP went live in June, and although not perfect (like all MVPs), the work we have done is a solid step in the right direction.

While working on beta.data.govt.nz I founded, Diversify.nz, a photostock website for New Zealand and her diverse peoples. I built this to raise the profile of diverse New Zealanders going about their everyday lives. I did this for two reasons, so that images of diverse New Zealand peoples will permeate throughout the internet and thus allow youth to see their future selves and, so that those with a good eye can make money without any of the traditional barriers to finding work. I don't believe for a second that this will solve many of the social and economic problems New Zealand has, but as above it's a good first step and I'll be adding at least another 2 in the next 12 months.

In order to be completely transparent, one of those next steps is www.wharehauora.nz where we create affordable WhareSensors to measure the healthiness of homes. The Whare Hauora core team is made up of Amber Craig, Brenda Wallace and myself, with many fantastic volunteers. Amber and Brenda are current InternetNZ councillors, with Amber seeking re-election this term.

Prior to Beta.data.govt.nz I worked for NZRS as their project manager/business analyst. The projects that I was in charge of were the .NZ domain release, NZ Broadband Map, and the Registrar Portal. I also had a hand in moving the NZRS critical internet infrastructure in-house. These were fantastic projects where I learnt a lot about internet infrastructure, and to deeply appreciate our system administrators, who also made sure that I became very infosec conscious. I thoroughly enjoyed working for NZRS, I have never met a more "on to it" team, that I really enjoyed working with, but truly, I am a digital native and it shows in what I have achieved since then.

I have a strong technical background, but what I have learnt in my time is that technology is only part of the solution. You must engage, and work with the people affected, in order to have a well thought out solution that meets their needs. I believe I can help InternetNZ by supporting new ways thinking and doing, by not being afraid of risk or transparency and by helping to guide diverse community engagement.

If elected I will bring new blood and a fresh perspective to the InternetNZ Council with a bias towards doing rather than talking. If you have any questions or would like to check out my internet pedigree you can find me via the links below.

Thank you for your consideration,