Internet Service Provider


Do they tell you how to check your bill online?

Vodafone makes online bills available to its customers.

Do they tell you how to report security vulnerabilities?

Not Achieved
Vodafone does not publish information telling people how to let them know about security vulnerabilities, or bugs, in their systems.

Do they tell you if they lose your data?

Not Achieved
Vodafone does not publish a policy to tell their customers when their data has been breached.

Do they tell you if they use the Digital Child Exploitation Filter?

Vodafone uses the Digital Child Exploitation Filter.

Does your ISP support IPv6?

Not Achieved
The Vodafone website states that they have deployed IPv6 to some customers, and are working to role it out to the rest.

Do they tell you how often they give law enforcement customer information?

Not Achieved
Vodafone New Zealand does not publish how many times government agencies request information from it. However, Vodafone Global releases an annual law enforcement disclosure report (see link below). This report covers every country that Vodafone operates in. While the detail for New Zealand is insufficient to earn a tick here, Vodafone is the first ISP in NZ to start down the path towards transparency reporting.