Briefing to the Incoming Minister

We will provide a briefing to the Incoming Government, particularly the incoming Minister of ICT, on Internet related issues as a method of advising the Government on key Internet Issues

The Briefing to the Incoming Minister is a traditional method of advising a Minister of pertinent issues that require their attention upon gaining their Ministerial Warrant. It is traditionally used by Government Departments to set an agenda with their Minister, and outline both works in progress as well as potential issues that need to be dealt with.

InternetNZ will provide such a briefing to the new Minister of Communications and Information Technology. This portfolio is currently held by the Hon. Amy Adams. Our briefing will be directly related to the earlier Election Paper that we will write, outlining InternetNZ’s perspective on these key issues. It will then be followed up with formal engagements with the Minster to pursue these policy objectives directly.