Cross-Portfolio Strategic Transformations

The Internet Issues Programme level of this plan encompasses those transformations relating to team profile, process and capability. These transformations will provide a strong platform for the transformations contemplated in the specific Portfolios of the Internet Issues Programme.






We are seen as a leading contributor to debate on Internet issues in New Zealand

We are seen as the leading voice on Internet issues in New Zealand


We produce a range of ad-hoc publications and events on a variety of topics

We produce high quality communications, publications and engagement events that are the cornerstone of Internet issue discussion in New Zealand


The role of members in Issue development is unclear

We utilise our membership base to produce unique high quality, multistakeholder-informed advice on Internet Issues


InternetNZ’s Internet Issues team is one permanent staff member supported with contractors, and unclear processes for Issue development. 

The InternetNZ Internet Issues team is staffed with passionate advocates for the open Internet, and are working successfully and resiliently within well-defined processes.


Issues work often policy-based

Issues work balanced across policy, technical, data and analysis approaches