Enhancing the Digital Journey

We will work with NZRS on understanding and driving SME uptake, enhancing the current Digital Journey tool, and look to coordinate this with initiatives by relevant government agencies.

The Digital Journey is a fantastic tool designed to help New Zealand businesses better utilise the Internet to improve their productivity and profitability. Research suggests that this is indeed one particular area where New Zealand is unfortunately a laggard – while we are 7th for use of the Internet; we are 17th for deriving economic return from it.

InternetNZ intends to work with our subsidiary, NZRS, and with the Digital Office in Dundin in delivering a further phase of enhancing the Digital Journey tool as a method of tangibly contributing to this potential of an internet-enabled, transformation of New Zealand business.

Update: 21st May 2015

TUANZ has become the first party to take advantage of the new functionality enabled by the Digital Journey, in launching their own branded version of the site here: https://tuanz.digitaljourney.nz/

We will be working with NZRS to launch our own version soon!

Update: 31st March 2015

We've entered an agreement with the Digital Office to provide funding for the next version of the Digital Journey. This new version will be launched soon.