Federated Identity and Authentication Online

InternetNZ has identified a need to help improve the ways that New Zealanders identify themselves in an online environment. We are currently bombarded with conflicting messages such as:

"Choose difficult passwords!"
"Use a different passwords on each site"

while all the time telling people

"Don't write them down"
"Make them easy to remember"

It's not difficult to see why the general public find it hard to manage their online identify and authentication securely.

InternetNZ is looking at ways to bring positive, easy to follow messages to the public which will make a real difference in the security of every day online interactions.

From making-factor authentication something which everyone can achieve, to publicising the need for Password Lockers to manage passwords on our behalf.

Another piece is to look at the New Zealand offerings with regard to Federated Online Identity services.  Services such as RealMe allow users to manage one set of login information and use it in a number of places.  This piece of work will assess how realistic it would be to have a small set of identity brokers/providers in the New Zealand market.