Internet Law Observatory

We will scope the development of an Internet Law Observatory; an expert advisory group with the objective to report on new policy and legislation with an Internet-centric lens.

An Internet Law Observatory is one of our ideas in terms of how we can make New Zealand legislation as Internet-positive as possible, and provide a resource through which the legal and academic communities may inform themselves of relevant Internet-precedent from other parts of the world. We intend this to build off models successfully deployed overseas.

The first phase of this project to be to scope what exactly would be required to stand up such an Observatory, and develop a high level “business case” for implementation in the 2015/16 Business Plan.

Update 31st March 2015

We've reviewed the international landscape seeking examples of how such bodies have been constituted internationally. Our objective in the next year is to assess whether NZ would benefit from a dedicated Internet law research centre, and what form this can and should take.

Update December 2015

We have scoped our priorities for an effective New Zealand ILO, as a basis for discussion with interested organisations and researchers: