Local Government and the Internet

We will encourage local government to understand their role in encouraging deployment and connectivity and to assist infrastructure deployments through an appropriately targeted relationship with Local Government New Zealand.

The objective of this project for the 2014/15 year is to engage with the Local Government community; understand how they perceive their role in delivering Internet infrastructure, and develop a plan for implementation in the 2016/17 year to provide Local Government in New Zealand with new information, tools and assistance to help them better realise the Internet’s benefits and uses in their region. This 2016/17 initiative will be a new project in that year. 

This project has been redirected for the 2015/16 year to supporting Local Government respond to the UFB and RBI extension processes. 

Update: 21st July 2015

Andrew has just attended the Local Government Conference for 2015, and took the opportunity to talk to a number of Councils and Economic Development Agencies about the challenges they are facing in responding to the extensions to the Ultra-Fast Broadband and Rural Broadband Initiative extensions. This information is being used by the Issues team to plan the next phase of this work in 2016/17, likely in collaboration with Crown Fibre Holdings. 

Update: 18th June 2015

Andrew has been a guest at the Kapiti Tech Expo, hearing local stories about how they're utilising their new connectivity to secure the economic and social benefits of the Internet. The Minister for Communications, Amy Adams, was also present at this event and updated on where the UFB and RBI extension processes were at. You can read more about this event here: http://expo.kapitidigital.org/ 

Update: 2nd June 2015

InternetNZ and the team at NZRS supported a number of councils from the mid-North Island meet in Whanganui to collaboratively plan their responses to both the UFB and RBI extension, aided by the new mapping data made available by NZRS. These sessions will assist in these communities providing their responses to the Ministry's Expression of Interest processes. 

Update: 29th May 2015

Relevant to this work is our submission on the extensions to the UFB, RBI and Mobile Black Spot fund. This submission is available here: https://internetnz.nz/content/ufb-rbi-and-mobile-blackspot-registrations-interest 

Update: 14th May 2015

Andrew has attended the Whanganui "Go Faster" expo celebrating their completion of the UFB build, and participated in a number of workshops and events about how Whanganui can realise the economic and social potential of the Internet. You can read more about this event here: http://gofaster.co.nz/

Update: 20 July 2014

The LGNZ National Conference is taking place in Nelson. Andrew will be attending to form links and attend a number of sessions relating to Internet uptake and use in regional New Zealand.