Web Index Extension Research

We will commission new research into uptake and use in New Zealand, preferably in a manner that allows for comparison internationally – likely to be in partnership with the Web Index (http://thewebindex.org/).

InternetNZ has an ambition to be the “clearing house” for key statistics about the Internet in New Zealand. Part of this is in generating new sources of authoritative information about the Internet in New Zealand.

The Web Index is one of the leading international comparative studies about how the Internet is used, and New Zealand is part of the data collected. We have an opportunity to extend the use of this data in a New Zealand context to deepen the insights that this Index collates. This project is aimed at doing just that.

Update: 1st December 2014

We've decided to redirect our efforts here. Our discussions with the team at the Web Index mean that there is not quite the opportunity we had envisaged to extend this work.

Instead, we see a great opportunity to publicise this research and make that data  more available as part of our State of the Internet ambitions.