Whangarei Studies

We will undertake a Whangarei transformation study – kick off a process to look at what being the first fully fibre-deployed city in NZ does on key economic and social indicators (look to a partnership with Northpower, CFH Nga Pu Waea and/or MBIE).

Whangarei is a fibre success story. As the first fully wired-up New Zealand city, Whangarei is leading the charge on developing new ways of utilising the Internet infrastructure that has been deployed.

InternetNZ wishes to highlight their success stories as part of our mandate to promote the Internet’s benefits and uses. What is being undertaken in Whangarei could be replicated around New Zealand, as the Ultra-Fast Broadband Initiative brings more New Zealand towns and cities online. We want to be part of leading that change, and the studies that this project will deliver are a big part of that.

Update: 1st October 2014

We've decided to suspend this project in the interests of other opportunities.

Since conceiving of this work, we have learned that:

  • Its a bit early to talk about outcomes delivered through fibre in Whangarei.
  • There are a number of other groups like Crown Fibre and Nga Pu Waea that are doing similar research already.

Rather than use our limited funds to duplicate work, we will work with these groups on their initiatives.

We will also be working with MBIE to form a new industry research coordination group. 

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