Our Internet Issues Programme works to further our mission: to promote the Internet’s benefits and uses and protect its potential. We do this by working with the Internet Community in a multistakeholder fashion seeking to balance the perspectives of businesses, academia, community organisations, technical experts and governments. We use the insights we gain from this to undertake projects that make that mission real.

Our Internet Issues Programme is split into five portfolios, Internet Law and Rights, Internet Use, Internet Connectivity, Internet Security and Internet Technology. We also summarise our work on International Internet Governance issues here.

Our Internet Issues Programme is led by Work Programme Director, Andrew Cushen.

The Primary Transformation that we are committed to as part of the InternetNZ Group Strategic Plan is:

From: We are seen as a significant contributor to many Internet Issues in New Zealand, and are trusted by many of our key stakeholders.

To: We are an Authority on Internet Issues in New Zealand, and are trusted by our members, the Internet community and the multistakeholder constituency to represent, develop and advocate for these issues.