Our Internet Issues Programme works to further our mission: to promote the Internet’s benefits and uses and protect its potential. We do this by working with the Internet Community in a multistakeholder fashion seeking to balance the perspectives of businesses, academia, community organisations, technical experts and governments. We use the insights we gain from this to undertake projects that make that mission real.

Our Internet Issues Programme is split into five portfolios, Internet Law and Rights, Internet Use, Internet Connectivity, Internet Security and Internet Technology. We also summarise our work on International Internet Governance issues here.

Our Internet Issues Programme is led by Work Programme Director, Andrew Cushen.

The Primary Transformation that we are committed to as part of the InternetNZ Group Strategic Plan is:


We are seen as a significant contributor to many Internet Issues in New Zealand, and are trusted by many of our key stakeholders.


We are an Authority on Internet Issues in New Zealand, and are trusted by our members, the Internet community and the multistakeholder constituency to represent, develop and advocate for these issues.

The Internet Access Portfolio of the Issues Programme encompasses InternetNZ’s activity to deliver the ability to connect to the Internet wherever you are in New Zealand, and to work on resolving barriers of all kinds that prevent people from accessing the Internet.  The lead staff on Internet Access is Andrew Cushen -

The Internet Law & Rights Portfolio of the Issues Programme encompasses InternetNZ's work to inform and enhance the legal and political environments that enable or constrain use of the Internet both domestically and internationally, and to ensure that rights and responsibilities recognised in general law are recognised and respected in the online environment. The lead staff on Internet Law & Rights is James Ting-Edwards:

The Internet Security Portfolio is a new portfolio for InternetNZ. It encompasses InternetNZ’s efforts to enhance the Internet’s protections from surveillance and intrusion, and to ensure that all users of the Internet are able to maintain their confidence in the platform.  The lead staff on Internet Security is Ben Creet -

The Internet Technology Portfolio concerns InternetNZ's sharing of best practice about, and development of, protocols and technologies that allow the Internet to function and to develop, while also continually pushing for enhancement of these functions. The lead staff on Internet Technology is Andrew Cushen -

The Internet Use Portfolio of the Issues Programme encompasses InternetNZ's activity to encourage and drive uptake and usage of the Internet in New Zealand homes, businesses and communities. The lead staff on Internet Use is Ben Creet -

These projects are "cross portfolio" in their nature, and are pursued at a programme level rather than being allocated into one of the individual portfolios. 

Our work on global Internet Governance is covered in our International Programme. This Programme encompasses InternetNZ's participation in processes regarding the future development of the Internet. It is referred to as part of the Issues part of our page as we strive to ensure that our Internet Issues Programme reflects the knowledge we gain from international interactions, and to ensure our international delegations are informed by our perspective on Internet Issues.