Jamie Baddeley - election statement

profile photo for electionI'm standing for President for the final time because I have a sense of responsibility 'get the job done', and to my bones believe that our local internet community is better for having a lean and strong InternetNZ as a part of it.

I have been on Council since 2006. I started as a relatively fresh faced inexperienced governor keen to make a difference and keen to improve things. In 2009 I was elected as Vice President, and since 2014 have served as President. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to do that.

Looking back over the years, I have a level of satisfaction that the organisation has travelled and developed (not without its challenges) in a positive way and we're now positioned in a place to do more great things.

My part in this has been possible because of the set of councillors wisely put forward by the membership over the years, and because of the solid working relationship that myself and Vice President Joy Liddicoat have formed.

Looking ahead, I think that we need to consolidate the reforms of this year but we also need to see how InternetNZ can take a few bolder steps towards progress. Council and the organisation needs to prove that the recent changes are bearing fruit.

I think there are some possibilities around a new set of strategic initiatives around education/privacy, technology partnerships and a more dynamic approach to how we manage our financial resources/community funding.

I'm also keen on broadening our membership base a bit more than what it is. Our ability to act in a representative way in the local internet community depends to a degree on how broad our membership is. I think we could do a bit better there.

I'd like to see us more in touch with the upcoming generation of decision makers, influencers, and people with bloody good ideas. I'm keen to see how we can convert new 'fresh faced inexperienced governors' into people that can reliably guide the organisation forward in the future.

I don't want us to go backwards. I only want us to move forward. And I want to do all of this without compromising our role in being the kaitiaki of .NZ and play our part in the global network - we have to remain strong in this area.

I would like you to vote for me and allow me the opportunity to once more do that.

Thank you.