Kay Jones - election statement

Kay JonesKia ora

I have been a member of InternetNZ since 2013 and am now adding my name to the talented pool of people willing to serve on the Council.  I believe that a diverse group makes better decisions than an echo chamber.  However members vote in the election, I hope they look at the big picture and vote for diversity.

The vision of InternetNZ is to provide a voice for the Internet in New Zealand and to work on behalf of all Internet users across the country.  Even people with no formal knowledge of technology use the internet every day.  InternetNZ has good connections to people in technology sectors but how well does it serve communities and individual users more broadly? 

What I know about modern uses of technology and data use, I’ve learned from other people and from hands on activities.  I help run hackathons with HackMiramar (www.hackmiramar.org ) and GovHackNZ (www.govhack.org.nz ), and from hearing from practitioners in the 50+ meetup groups I belong to.  I also live with tinnitus (hearing impairment) and advocate for other disabled people when technology use doesn’t take account of their different communication needs.

I would like to bring a nontechnical view into the room as well as my governance experience from a range of areas including community roles. 


Third generation Wellingtonian and sixth generation New Zealander.  Trained as a science teacher and became a public servant when New Zealand had an oversupply of new teachers.  I have qualifications in science, arts, and business administration.  My work experience includes policy advisor roles in local government and hospital policy, censorship and gambling.  I’ve worked in the union movement advising workers and reporting on New Zealand’s labour practices.  Currently I contract on community projects.

Governance Experience

Recently I worked in a governance area in government providing database and administration support through the Ministry for Women.  I also have a long history of community volunteering and committee service.

 I’m a current member of the GOVIS Committee (www.govis.org.nz ) which organises information events for members of the network of technology and information professionals in NZ central government.  I have previously held membership roles on committees for:

  • Wellington Interfaith Council,
  • Mt Victoria Residents’ Association,
  • Ora Taiao Public Health Council
  • Disabled Person’s Assembly (DPA) Wellington Committee,
  • establishment committee for UnionAID charitable trust,
  • Crossways Community Crèche Management Committee,
  • Friends of Downstage Theatre, and
  • Taki Rua Depot Theatre Management Committee. 

I was a Judge in 2016 for Public Libraries of New Zealand’s annual competition, and was Minute Secretary for the CTU Te Rūnanga o nga Kaimahi Māori Hui (2010 – 2011).

Technology Related

I’m an organiser and community lead with not for profit technology and education group HackMiramar (http://www.hackmiramar.org/ ) organising “hackathons” ( weekend technology challenges) (2014-).  I was lead organiser for 2016 GovHack Wellington (http://govhack.org.nz/ ) run with government agencies, and private sector and student support. 

Member of GOVIS Committee (http://www.govis.org.nz) from 2015 for technology and information professionals in central government.  I helped organise two annual conferences, and monthly lunchtime seminars.  Participant in Open Data workshops with the Government Open Data team, and with the Open Government Action Plan engagement activities with civil society.  Member of Internet NZ since 2013, and a member of its working party to review its voting system for its Council.

Member of NZ Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Association (NZVRARA), and over 50 technology related Meetup groups. 

What I Would Offer

Together with HackMiramar I have brought together a range of people to learn about technology and teamwork.  I believe everyone, whether they drive a bus, or have retired from the workforce, or are a student, will benefit from learning about and using technology and having access to the internet.  Indeed in future many people will face difficulties in gaining services if they cannot navigate technology.  InternetNZ has a duty to support consideration of how people who are disabled, or poor, or illiterate, can access services when they’re designed to be digital first.

I regularly engage with people outside tech circles and talk with them about their experience and interests.  I would bring those insights to InternetNZ.

Future Directions

I’m agnostic on issues of how InternetNZ owns and directs the businesses that fund its activities (Domain Name Commission and NZ Registry System).  I am more interested in ensuring that the needs of their operation are secondary to the goals of InternetNZ.  I appreciate that without a sustainable financial base that InternetNZ would not be able to support community endeavours. 

I would like to be part of greater engagement by InternetNZ with communities including the education and GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museum) sectors.  I’m keen to support the range of ways that people can connect to and use the internet without financial barriers.  That future may include community hubs and extending the roles of libraries and schools to do this.  How can InternetNZ help?  Similarly, how does InternetNZ listen to communities?  The regional NetHui were great and similar outreach could be important for future.  Maybe even including partnering with local government for drop in activities in libraries, malls and community centres?


Email  JKayJonesNZ@gmail.com with any queries