KEVIN PRINCE - Election Statement

Kevin PrinceAfter a couple of years as a freelancer focusing on web accessibility I've recently returned to fulltime employment as a Test Analyst responsible for the Christchurch Council website and intranet. Over the years I've worked in military telecoms (including the early days of packet-switched C3I systems), digital broadcasting, accessibility and helping wrangle the community for 3 NetHui.

I have appreciated access to the open internet for everything from work, hobbies and education through to the transformative power it has in connecting people. I believe that access should be available to all who wish to take advantage so support the work of INZ to achieve this. Technical governance is important but also the leadership that INZ displays toward that ideal. I feel that INZ has a role to play in ensuring that others will also enjoy that freedom whether accessibility, skill, policy or malicious intent is the potential block. I'd also like to see us strongly make the case for, and build that understanding that, the internet as more than Facebook or a set of walled-garden applications on a phone.

During my time in New Zealand I have been part of the drive to greater accessibility on the internet; in particular, through the process that created the Government Web Standards but also in advocating for their adoption in the wider public domain as a base standard. Open standards form a key component to accessibility enabling systems and people to connect. There is a great opportunity to see more use of open standards in government and the wider public domain.

I have an associated interest in the International Association of Accessibility Professionals as a member of the web access certification committee.
I have governance experience in the community, currently serving as President of the Ferrymead Railway and recently appointed a trustee to the Deafblind Association, a new trust looking to provide services and advocacy for the deafblind.

I'm a member of the IITP and TechCommNZ. I believe that my broad technical experience, combined with an understanding of the user and my governance experience in other spheres would be an asset to InternetNZ. Happy to chat at either @mr45144 or if you'd like to know more. In closing I wish all the prospective candidates well.