Matthew Jackson - election statement

Matthew JacksonI'm Matthew Jackson, and I'd like your support to join the InternetNZ Council.

Why - I'm at the front of the Internet generation. I co-founded Global Mode, a product which sparked an international conversation about online consumer rights and changed the fabric of New Zealand's Internet.

I have been internationally recognised for thought leadership; in publications like the India Economic Times, as a speaker at events such as APRICOT, SANOG & ISPAI, and as keynote speaker at the European IoT Conference Descon.

I helped facilitate the copyright and net neutrality streams at NetHui. I’m proud of my involvement with the team at InternetNZ and Mohawk Media on the education campaign about copyright policy issues. The video production was an important first step in creating 'new media' communications to make InternetNZ messages accessible for everyday Kiwis.

I believe open internet access drives economic growth through a digital economy and I stand for these values;

  1. Promote and protect the global free flow of information
  2. Promote investment and competition in high-speed networks
  3. Encourage multi-stakeholder cooperation in policy development processes

Shane Hobson and Matthew Harrison jointly nominated me for the council. Shane is on the board of ISPANZ and is Chair of the Web Access Waikato Trust, Matthew is the Chair of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association. I'm grateful for their support.

There are four areas I'll work on;

Grow Membership
Our goal is for a better world through a better Internet. By shifting from active work to informative engagement, I can see a future where InternetNZ membership can move public opinion for Internet opportunities like IoT and important issues such as Net Neutrality.

Misuse of Personal Data
Privacy of personal data is ingrained into many aspects of European legislation. I will work towards getting the same protections into NZ legislation.

Revenue Diversification
InternetNZ is reliant on a single declining source of income. I’ll undertake a review of the group's revenue and funding models as a part of the group restructuring review.

International Engagement
InternetNZ participates in international multi-stakeholder Internet governance. I will proactively support opportunities for our members and staff to continue our overseas engagement.

I have a proven ability to execute and deliver.  It would be my honour and a privilege to represent you on the InternetNZ Council.

Follow me @mattnzl, or connect with me on LinkedIN or Instagram.