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Join InternetNZ | Ipurangi Aotearoa

We are a non-profit org focussing on a better Internet for all New Zealanders. You can join us as a member to be in the know, have a say in our direction, vote in elections or stand for Council, or simply because you believe in our cause. Why join?  

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You care about the future of the Internet

You care about what the Internet is used for. You care about our future. You care about building the capability of both current and the next generations of Internet users.

You want the best possible digital environment for all New Zealanders.

You believe in our goals

You believe in an 'Internet for good' — one that is a safe place for everyone in Aotearoa.

You believe in the investment of community-driven actions to help drive digital equity for Aotearoa — so that everyone has an equal chance to access information and services online.

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Together, we speak loudly

Join InternetNZ and add your voice to a growing movement of people who are passionate about the Internet. Become a member of a vibrant, and friendly Internet community and show your support for the best Internet we can have.

Together, we call for an open Internet, an Internet for good, and access for everyone.

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