More New Zealanders believe workplace culture has improved compared to last year as the Internet is giving us more choices of where and how to work.

Working from home

Working remotely peaked in 2021, with slightly fewer of us working from home all the time in 2022. But that hasn't reduced its impact on how New Zealanders work.

Working from home — cultural impact

How has working from home changed the culture in the workplace? Increasingly, working from home is being seen as having a positive influence on life.

Effect of working from home on workplace culture

However, working from home isn't as easy to access for some.

Roadblocks to working remotely

Working from home — popularity

The majority of New Zealanders work in roles that they could do from home. Yet the number of people who frequently work from home declined in 2022.

59% of participants said their work could be done from home if needed.

Frequency of working from home over time


Despite this, the popularity of working from home remains strong regardless of whether you're already working from home or not.

The popularity of working from home declined slightly during the pandemic, but has rebounded to be more popular than ever before.

54% Increase of 3pp of those participants who can work from home would like to be able to work from home more frequently in the future.

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