Accentuate the positive

Warm fuzziesInternetNZ is today calling for the Government to match the Harmful Digital Communications Bill with a Positive Digital Communications Bill.

InternetNZ, which actively seeks to protect and promote the Internet's benefits uses and protect its potential, says that although there are instances of bad behaviour on the Internet and the Government is responding with the HDC legislation, people are by-and-large lovely online and so should be rewarded for good behaviour.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter says the organisation is drafting the first parts of the bill for the Government and hopes that National will adopt the cause.

"While we acknowledge the need for recourse should cyber-bullying occur, we notice that there aren't any plans to reward cyber-empathy. The bill we are proposing seeks to redress that.

"Where the HDC Bill seeks to take down harmful communications, the PDC will highlight the positives. If someone notices a particularly warm and fuzzy piece of communication online, such as this release, they will be able to report it to the approved agency. Pending the Approved Agency's approval, that piece of communication will then be bolded on whatever website its hosted on. 

"All positive communications bolded like this would go into a prize pool to win $25,000.

"We think this will go some way towards ameliorating the fools who get online and think they can just hurt people with their words. You can also cuddle people with words," Jordan Carter said.

With it being April now, InternetNZ is hoping that it will have the first draft of the bill ready to go by May.


Submitted by David Cormack 2015-04-01 09:18