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17 Apr
Information technology tools enable our modern society and we depend on them for much of our daily life. Instead of thinking of a binary “secure/not secure” status, consider risk on a spectrum of...
15 Apr
We are in extraordinary times. Of all the things I expected to shape the start of 2020, dealing with a global pandemic of a dangerous virus was not high on my list - I suspect it was not high on...
14 Apr
As the lockdown moved into force across New Zealand, our Community Team reached out to those providing essential services and listened to their changing needs, and demand for services. We extended...
9 Apr
Today the Prime Minister announced that contact tracing technology will be one of three pillars in New Zealand’s strategy to contain COVID-19.
8 Apr
What can you do during lockdown that doesn’t require you to go out and about? Starting your blog!
8 Apr
InternetNZ is pleased to see the Government’s announcement today that electronic devices and hard copy education packs
7 Apr
We’re now into the second week of lock down throughout the country, and it’s been a big change for everyone to get used to. The staff at InternetNZ have been working to keep everything running as...
1 Apr
Remote working has become the reality for many businesses and workers across New Zealand, and it’s been a massive shift for many. Adapting to a new way of working and - in some cases - brand new...
1 Apr
InternetNZ is pleased to see Chorus, ISPs, and the Government working together to find solutions to increasing digital inclusion during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.
27 Mar
We’ve recently stepped out our new strategic framework for InternetNZ, and it’s centered around two core challenges and opportunities; how we build an Internet for All, and an Internet for Good.