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9 Nov
New Zealand and Australia have a strange familial relationship. In that spirit, I'd like to compare where New Zealand and Australia are at in terms of their signature connectivity initiatives.
2 Nov
InternetNZ is excited to see a new trial called ‘Upgrade New Zealand’ which is set to make it easier and quicker for New Zealanders to get ultrafast fibre connected in their homes.
26 Oct
In our activity plan for this year, we committed to commissioning research about Kiwi attitudes to the Internet. We worked with market research company UMR research on a phone survey and a series of...
26 Oct
New research released today by InternetNZ shows that more than two thirds (72%) of Kiwis are aware of the risks around personal security on the Internet.
18 Oct
The purpose of the conference attendance community grants round is to help the New Zealand Internet community participate in relevant conferences and events related to the development of the Internet.
10 Oct
Security matters to the open Internet, so it matters to us. InternetNZ supports an open, uncapturable Internet. Capture comes in many forms, but an important one is the erosion of trust. Having an...
4 Oct
Eighteen years after the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) was founded, the contractual apron strings between ICANN and the United States government finally expired over the...
3 Oct
Does anyone need Gigabit fibre in 2016? The launch of blazing-fast fibre services has met skepticism, with journalists asking “does anyone need this?” Well, some experts are convinced you do, and I...
3 Oct
Kia ora koutou, welcome to another issues team roundup blog in which we highlight a selection of the access, use and security stories that have caught our eye recently. This blog includes the...
26 Sep
Last week we spotted a story saying that given current trends we were on track for 1 Billion account compromises in 2016. Next minute...Yahoo announces that back in 2014 they lost at least half that...