Celebrating a boost to New Zealand cybersecurity

11 April 2017

New Zealand's new Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT NZ) opens its doors today, and InternetNZ is welcoming the day with open arms.

CERT NZ is up and running to support businesses, organisations and individuals with cyber security concerns. It will receive cyber incident reports, track cyber security incidents and provide advice and alerts on how to respond and prevent further incidents.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter says the CERT is a critical piece of Internet security infrastructure for New Zealand.

"InternetNZ has been advocating for a New Zealand CERT since 2005 and we're really delighted to see it up and running.

"Trust on the Internet is something we think is very important. We are very pleased to see that a goal of CERT NZ is to improve cyber security in New Zealand by gaining a deeper understanding of the cyber threat landscape, avoiding incidents and reducing the impact of incidents that do happen," says Carter.

CERT NZ is for all New Zealanders. This includes everyday New Zealanders, and all types of businesses and organisations, from small and medium-sized enterprises through to government agencies and large corporates.

"I congratulate the government on making this important investment in New Zealand's online security," Carter says.

More information about CERT NZ, and how to get advice, can be found on its website at www.cert.govt.nz.