Gigabit fibre sets the pace for 2020

8 September 2016

InternetNZ welcomes the news that Chorus will allow its fibre users to access Gigabit speeds.

Chorus' gigabit service will be in effect from October 2016, allowing download speeds of 1000Mbps and upload speeds of 500Mbps.

InternetNZ's Chief Executive Jordan Carter says this is a positive move by Chorus, matching their Gigatown offering in Dunedin and the Gigabit speeds announced a month ago by other fibre providers Enable, Northpower Fibre and Ultrafast Fibre.

"Gigabit fibre sets the pace for our future telecommunications framework and with this service in place in 2016, the future is summed up in one word: faster."

The Government is currently reviewing telecommunications regulations, to design a regulatory framework for 2020 and beyond. The framework will govern fixed-line services after the rollout of UFB fibre is complete.

"This announcement by Chorus is a clear signal to the current review that the framework for 2020 needs to enable faster speeds both for the fibre network and for other Internet options throughout New Zealand."

"InternetNZ has submitted on the telecommunications review, pushing for better services at fair prices throughout New Zealand. Our main concern is that the review should establish targets for broadband access that are ahead of the curve and match the potential of our networks," says Carter.

"We need a framework that delivers clear direction for the future of telecommunications. We think the focus should be Kiwis getting the best available service at a fair price."

As part of its proposed framework, the Government's Options Paper specifies "anchor products," with capped maximum prices.

"The proposed anchor products are far too slow. They are already being surpassed in 2016, and by the time 2020 rolls around will be even further behind. A future-proof framework will need much faster anchor products, and will require them to improve over time without prompting from the Commerce Commission.

"New Zealand is investing in fast fibre and wireless options and our framework should deliver the potential for those networks.

Today's announcement of gigabit fibre is a clear signal - our future framework needs to aim at encouraging ongoing investment and innovation to deliver ever faster speeds. It has to be ahead of the curve, not behind it," says Carter.

InternetNZ's full submission can be found here:

InternetNZ Submission on the Telecommunications Review