Hawaiki cable announcement good news for New Zealand’s Internet

1 April 2015

InternetNZ welcomes the announcement today that Hawaiki has secured the funding to start building a new trans-Pacific cable system.

The cable is expected to link New Zealand and Australia to the United States, via Hawaii, and will also connect several other Pacific islands.

InternetNZ Chief Executive, Jordan Carter, says the additional cable provides New Zealand with more security in our Internet supply and more competition in communications.

"Along with the new trans-Tasman cable currently under construction, these additional links improve the resilience of all forms of communications for New Zealand, and that is to be welcomed.

"On the trans-Pacific route, InternetNZ has long hoped that a commercial solution would be found for additional undersea cable and we are very pleased to see that day has come.

"New Zealand Internet users will benefit from additional connectivity. Over time, the Hawaiki cable should lead to more bandwidth, at cheaper prices, and with more security in supply," says Carter.

InternetNZ congratulates Hawaiki on reaching this important milestone, and hopes the project continues on track.