Internet Research funding round results announced

InternetNZ is pleased to announce the recipients of its latest Community Grants funding round focused on Internet research.

The recipients are:

  • Tony Garry, University of Otago: $26,000 for a project that explores the extent to which potential users of the Internet of Things in New Zealand are prepared to compromise privacy for convenience and well-being.
  • Winston Seah, Victoria University: $30,000 for a project that aims to address the scalability issues of traffic classification in enterprise networking using software defined networking.
  • Syed Faraz Hasan, Massey University: $15,000 for a project that aims to establish a flexible and software-oriented mobile Internet.
  • Sivadon Chaisiri and Ryan Ko, University of Waikato: $9,000 to complete a statistical survery of New Zealanders' mobile security awareness.

InternetNZ CEO Jordan Carter said that this funding which InternetNZ provides aims to support the development of the Internet in New Zealand as well as the New Zealand Internet research community.

"This most recent allocation of funds shows the diversity of applications the Internet has. There is a project about privacy around the 'Internet of things', one helping to understand and create a fully mobile Internet, one looking at how New Zealanders view online security on their mobile devices and a piece of research that looks into new techniques provided by Software Defined Networking research to provide enterprises enhanced tools with which to classify network traffic

"Funding projects like these really does help to make a better world through a better Internet. We look forward to seeing the results of these projects and sharing with the New Zealand Internet community," said Mr Carter.