InternetNZ applauds sensible move on unregulated product

InternetNZ has today applauded Chorus for taking another look at the changes it was proposing to make to its copper broadband services. The copper network owner has announced that it will be putting on hold its proposal to constrain the baseline regulated copper broadband service, which would likely have led to higher broadband prices for New Zealanders over time.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter says that he appreciates Chorus is working hard to deliver a world class Internet infrastructure for New Zealand at fair prices and at the same time provide a fair return to its investors.

“Chorus’ decision is a sensible one. Its initial proposal to arbitrarily decide that it could provide an unregulated service that would effectively offer New Zealanders what we already get but for a higher price was not on solid ground – as the Commerce Commission’s independent legal advice showed.

“We think it’s the decent thing to put this project on hold. And it’s also very sensible of the Commerce Commission and Spark to put their complaints and investigation on hold if there’s nothing to investigate,” said Mr Carter.

InternetNZ is now looking forward to the Commerce Commission coming up with a fair and independent price for copper broadband services (the final pricing principles or FPP review) so that New Zealand can get the certainty around pricing that everyone in the industry wants.