InternetNZ comment on Commerce Commission’s Vodafone / Sky merger clearance decision

InternetNZ has responded to this morning’s decision by the Commerce Commission to deny Commerce Act clearance for the proposed merger of Vodafone and Sky. 

Chief Executive Jordan Carter says:

“InternetNZ has participated throughout this process due to our concern that a merger between Vodafone and Sky could have raised Network Neutrality concerns, and could have damaged competition for telephony, Internet and TV services.

“Kiwi consumers could have been the losers from such a deal.

“It was up to Vodafone and Sky to persuade the Commission that clearance should be granted, and they have not done so. The concerns we and others raised have proven to be significant.

“We look forward to seeing the Commission’s reasoning behind the decision in the next few days or weeks.

“Sky and Vodafone, absent this merger, will be competitors in the ever-changing markets for communications services. We look forward to seeing how they respond, and how the market evolves,” says Jordan Carter.

InternetNZ supported the application granted by the High Court to Spark and others yesterday (Wednesday 22nd) to defer the merger if clearance was granted, to give the public a chance to scrutinise the reasons given before a merger proceeded.