InternetNZ deeply disappointed with Global Mode withdrawal

InternetNZ is deeply disappointed at announcements today that the Global Mode service is being withdrawn from New Zealand.

"Global Mode was a great example of Internet-based innovation that challenged traditional content distribution models. It was by no means clear that the service was illegal, and we were keen to see the matter go before the courts to provide users and the industry with clarity." said InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter.

The removal of this service means that New Zealanders have fewer options to pay for content. Restricting consumer access to paid content services on the basis of geographic content monopolies seems the wrong answer to resolving copyright concerns.

"Withdrawing the service and settling before court seems a worse outcome for all concerned. The media companies have said that they wanted to clarify their own legal rights over content - a settlement doesn't achieve this, and leaves us all none the wiser."

"There remains a number of questions that will now go unanswered due to this withdrawal. Internet users and innovation have taken a back seat to entrenched old media interests."

"This outcome makes it ever more important that we review New Zealand copyright law, to ensure that the interests of consumers and creators are appropriately balanced." said Carter.



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