InternetNZ leads discussion on Net Neutrality in NZ

InternetNZ has released a public discussion document and an online survey seeking New Zealanders’ views on Network Neutrality.

“Network Neutrality has recently been a cause of tension and concern in other countries such as the United States” says Jordan Carter, Chief Executive of InternetNZ.

“We believe that New Zealand will be best served by talking about network neutrality before there is a problem that demands urgent solutions.”

The discussion document is designed to start an open and collaborative national conversation about what Network Neutrality means in New Zealand.

“We want to facilitate a broad discussion about what Network Neutrality means for New Zealand and build a consensus on how to maintain network neutrality across the internet community, business, government and civil society” said Mr Carter.

You can view or download the discussion document from InternetNZ’s website. InternetNZ welcomes the thoughts of members of the New Zealand Internet community about what Network Neutrality is, and whether anything should be done about it, by taking part in InternetNZ’s online survey.