InternetNZ welcomes NetSafe as approved agency

21 November 2016

InternetNZ today welcomes NetSafe to its new role as "approved agency" under the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015.

InternetNZ's Chief Executive Jordan Carter says it's good to finally see this agency up and running.

"The Internet has enabled much easier communication and sharing. This creates significant benefits, but also some risks and challenges.

"NetSafe has been helping New Zealanders to manage these challenges for the last 20 years - and this experience will be valuable in running the agency," says Carter.

The approved agency function is a vital part of the Harmful Digital Communications Act. InternetNZ expects that this function will allow for timely and education-focused responses to harm online, whilst maintaining the Internet's role as a medium for free expression.

As the approved agency, NetSafe will listen to people's concerns about online harm, and guide them through the options for responding. This role requires an agency that understands what people value about being online, and that can help parties to work through the issues. NetSafe is the right organisation to do that job.

"Mediation and education are preferable to court action in most circumstances, and we wish Netsafe well in delivering that objective," says Carter.

More information about NetSafe's approved agency functions can be found on its website here: