Netflix's New Zealand launch a great thing

InternetNZ is thrilled that Netflix has announced it will be launching in New Zealand next year.

InternetNZ CEO Jordan Carter says it’s always a great thing to see new companies enter the broadcasting market and provide New Zealanders with the very best in international content over the Internet.

“It’s becoming clearer that the future of broadcasting is online. Netflix has shown with its huge success overseas that it is one of the very best at this game. Competition like this will lead to better choices and more content for New Zealanders.

“It’s wonderful to see New Zealanders now getting a wide array of options. We’ve had Quickflix for a while, Lightbox is all go and Sky is also moving to an online model.  With this level of competition we expect prices to drop and quality to improve.”

Mr Carter also thinks this will help drive uptake of fibre.

“This is exactly the sort of content that the UFB was designed for. It wasn’t long ago that Youtube videos were all in grainy 240p. Now we’re talking about streaming movies in HD. Getting the UFB out to New Zealanders like we are will ensure that we get the best of what the Internet can offer.

“The Internet is rapidly eradicating international borders and it’s great to see New Zealand is not being left behind.”

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