New Council elected for InternetNZ

31 July 2015

InternetNZ held its Annual General Meeting last night and its members voted on a new Council for InternetNZ.  

Jamie Baddeley was successfully re-elected as President and Joy Liddicoat was also re-elected as Vice President. 

There was also an election for three of the 12 places on the Council. Brenda Wallace was re-elected on to Council for a three year term.  The election also saw two new people join the Council – Richard Hulse was elected for a three year term and Kelly Buehler was elected for a one year term.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter says he is looking forward to working with the new Council.

"InternetNZ is continuously working hard on its vision to promote the Internet's benefits and uses and protect its potential. Furthermore, we are now putting together a plan to lift engagement with our members, and advance our connection with our stakeholders and the New Zealand public, to maximise the benefits the Internet can offer to us all.

"The staff at InternetNZ are excited to be working alongside the Council in order to carry out these tasks and continue our vision of a better world through a better Internet," says Mr Carter.

The President of InternetNZ, Jamie Baddeley, will lead the 12 member elected Council in maintaining the effective governance of the organisation and says he is excited to continue this work.

"I am very pleased to see both the return of Brenda Wallace for three more years, as well as the addition of two new faces to Council – Richard and Kelly. I would also like to note that the makeup of council has now achieved the ideal gender balance, which I am sure will bring further improvement to the group as a whole."   

Mr Baddeley also thanked two recently departed Councillors, Hamish Macewan and Lance Wiggs, for their service to InternetNZ over the last few years. "They will be missed," Mr Baddeley says. 

For further information and to speak with Jordan Carter or Jamie Baddeley, please contact InternetNZ's Communications Lead Megan Bartrum, on 0272591425.