New website throws spotlight on ISPs

30 June 2016

ISP SpotlightInternetNZ has launched a new website, called ISP Spotlight, which will help New Zealanders make more informed choices about their Internet providers.

You typically consider price, speed and availability, when choosing your Internet Service Provider. ISP Spotlight takes you beyond these basics and helps you to consider the way that each provider is run.

Deputy Chief Executive of InternetNZ Andrew Cushen says ISP Spotlight has two purposes – to educate Internet users nationwide and to prompt ISPs to take positive action.

The website looks at six technical issues that all Internet Service Providers need to consider such as how they are keeping your information safe. ISP Spotlight highlights why these issues are important and how they impact you.

"We see this website as the next step for those consumers who want to make conscious decisions about who they buy their Internet service from. Consumers regularly look beyond price when they choose products like fair-trade coffee, and we want to give people this choice when it comes to Internet providers," says Cushen.

InternetNZ wants to show consumers that even simple issues like online billing can display a provider's commitment to equal access and human rights, since online billing is essential for those with disabilities.

"This website is about teasing those issues out for all New Zealanders and helping you, as a consumer, hold the ISPs to account," says Cushen.

Taryn Hamilton is Consumer General Manager at M2 Group Ltd - the company who represents Flip, Orcon and Sligshot.

"We applaud InternetNZ for its efforts with ISP Spotlight. It's helped us hold a torch to our processes, and make sure that we are transparent and candid about how we operate.

"It's important that we keep the Internet open, and campaigns like this are vital," says Hamilton.

The website compares 15 of the major Internet providers, and aims to build this base over the coming months. InternetNZ also hopes that the website promotes competition and awareness amongst the ISPs and encourages them to take positive action towards these issues.

"We hope that by highlighting these sometimes hidden facts, that you will have more confidence in choosing an ISP that is right for your needs," says Cushen.


ISP Spotlight can be found at the following link:

The site shines light on whether ISPs are doing the following things:

  • using IPV6 - the latest version of the Internet Protocol
  • telling you if they lose your data
  • telling you how often they give law enforcement your personal information
  • telling you how to report security vulnerabilities
  • giving you the ability to check your bill online
  • telling you if they use the Digital Child Exploitation Filter

A lot of this information is fairly technical, and not every ISP is concerned about making this information available. What the site does is explain this information, why you should care about it and how it could affect you.

The information about each ISP is taken from what they've said publicly about these issues. The site currently includes 15 of the biggest ISPs in New Zealand. More ISPs will be added over time.