.nz domain name management recognised in new MoU

4 May 2016

InternetNZ is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) on the management of the .nz country code top level domain.

The two organisations signed the agreement this week. The MoU clarifies the two organisations’ respective roles in the management of .nz. It sets clear rules about how InternetNZ manages the .nz domain name space on behalf of the Internet community, and explains how any issues or problems that might arise would be resolved.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter says the MoU sets out in clear language how the .nz domain is run.

“This MoU is part of giving the public confidence that the management of .nz will always be expected to serve the best interests of all Internet users in New Zealand. It sets high standards about the roles and responsibilities involved in governing and managing a country code domain, consistent with global best practice.

“As part of that best practice, InternetNZ acknowledges it manages .nz on behalf of New Zealanders. We do not own .nz - we are its stewards - responsible for its effective and reliable management.”

“As well as giving a clear sense of how .nz operates, the MoU sets out a new commitment by InternetNZ to test the views of the Internet community on various policy issues and to share these results back with the community. This will strengthen InternetNZ’s work, and will help the Internet community learn more about their views on a range of Internet issues.

“The framework set out in this MoU is an example to share globally and one that will hopefully be taken up by other countries that share a similar ‘community control’ model for their country code top-level domain,” says Carter.

InternetNZ was founded in the 1990s and has been the designated manager for the .nz domain name for nearly 20 years.

“We are proud to have the role of managing .nz, and remain committed to providing a reliable, high quality service on behalf of all New Zealanders,” Carter says.

A copy of the MoU is available on the InternetNZ website here.


About InternetNZ and .nz

InternetNZ is the designated manager for the .nz country code top level domain. It manages .nz on behalf of New Zealanders through two subsidiary companies:

  • Domain Name Commission Ltd (www.dnc.org.nz) manages the .nz domain on a day to day basis, sets and enforces the policy framework for .nz domain names (including regulating the work of registrars, who offer domain name registration services to the public), and provides dispute resolution services.
  • NZRS Ltd (www.nzrs.net.nz) operates the registry of .nz domain names (the Shared Registry System or SRS), and transmits the zone (the full list of .nz domain names) through the core .nz DNS server system.

A domain name is a string of text (e.g. stuff.co.nz or internetnz.nz) that the DNS resolves into an IP address. It provides an “easy to read” label to point to an Internet resource, and is commonly used to locate websites or address email.