Register now for NetHui – NZ’s coolest Internet event

16 August 2016

InternetNZ is pleased to announce that registrations for NetHui 2016 are now open.

Last month, InternetNZ announced that NetHui will break from tradition in its 6th year, and be one-day events held in three different local communities, instead of the three-day, one location format that the event has become known for.

NetHui 2016 will be held in Nelson on 13 October, South Auckland on 15 October and Rotorua on 17 October.

The events are for everyone and anyone interested in the Internet. If you want to be part of conversations that help to shape New Zealand's Internet and the ways it can change our lives for the better – go along and check it out.

Registrations for each one-day event will only cost $25. InternetNZ CEO, Jordan Carter, says this price has been set to make sure that the events are accessible to all New Zealanders wanting to attend.

InternetNZ is currently working to build the programmes with the help of each local community. The programmes at each event are designed for the community, by the community and the day is run with a mixture of breakout sessions and whole group discussions.

To register for one or more NetHui events, please click here.