Telco Bill will protect fair broadband prices after 2020

8 August 2017

Today the Government released draft legislation to regulate wholesale telecommunications networks. It confirms new measures to protect consumer interests, to support better service quality and fair prices for users.

InternetNZ welcomes this milestone and says getting this legislation right is vital to making sure all New Zealanders have cost effective access to excellent broadband.

The draft legislation gives the Commerce Commission and industry players the chance to prepare for implementation on-time, allowing the new rules to take effect from 1 January 2020.

InternetNZ's Chief Executive Jordan Carter says the new framework should secure the high-speed broadband access New Zealand needs - and at fair prices.

"As expected, this bill sets out the new framework to regulate copper and fibre broadband networks, and gives the Commerce Commission important new powers that will help assure the quality of service people get from broadband providers.

"The removal of regulation from copper networks where fibre ones are built will allow the regulatory framework to remain simple and efficient. The proposed regulated code for copper withdrawal will protect consumers as they transition to fibre broadband.

"One remaining concern with this draft legislation is the choice of so-called 'anchor products' - a broadband product at a specified price designed to influence prices across all broadband products. We think the Government has selected too slow a product for this function and we will propose an alternative as part of the select committee process," says Carter.

InternetNZ will analyse the draft legislation in detail, and prepare submissions for Parliament's Commerce Select Committee to consider.


Below is the link to the Bill information on the MBIE website:

Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill