Telecommunications Act changes vital for today's generation

InternetNZ welcomes the release of the Review of the Telecommunications Act 2001 - Regulating communications for the future, released today from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter says InternetNZ has encouraged exactly this sort of 'ground up' review of our telecommunications legislation.

"Our initial reaction to the paper is that it accurately identifies many of the limitations and challenges present in the current legislation, and comes to the correct conclusion that careful regulation is needed to protect Internet user interests.

"Balance is vitally important in these matters - ensuring fair outcomes for Internet users, whilst also preserving incentives for investment.

"We will be working closely with the Ministry and the New Zealand Internet community to ensure that this balance of interests is maintained," says Carter.

InternetNZ will be preparing a submission for the 27 October deadline, and will be working with the Internet community to facilitate a wide range of opinions and viewpoints on this important legislation.

"While we are pleased to see this work commence, it is essential that the Ministry will allow sufficient time to allow full and careful consideration of these important settings for our telecommunications markets.

"InternetNZ, alongside the rest of the industry, is already heavily committed to the copper pricing process being run by the Commerce Commission. The outcomes of this are highly relevant to any legislative review and it is imperative that enough time is given to have both matters adequately considered," says Carter.


View the Review of the Telecommunications Act 2001 - Regulating communications for the future here